Mumbai Terrorist Attacks:

I do not want to say much about this as I think I am very much affected by whatever that went on in Mumbai. Being of Indian origin and a former Indian citizen my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones and to all those brave soldiers and policeman who risked their lives and died to protect their citizens.

Terrorist attacks keep happening in various parts of India, but no one really gives it much attention. Even I seemed to care less about them, but this recent one in Mumbai has really left me shaken. I don’t know whether it was the wide media coverage or the sheer manner in which these terrorists carried out their massacre that really affected me. I do have extended family in India, and I feel it could have been anyone of them. I was in India in 2006 for summer holidays when there were multiple bomb blasts in Mumbai trains just few days before I was supposed to board a plane from Mumbai airport coming back to Canada Рeven that did not affect me as much as this recent attacks have.

Let’s just assume for argument sake that sometimes wars may be needed so that a few lives are taken to save the lives of many, or let’s say that it is justifiable that we have soldiers on borders protecting their respected countries and that they be ready to kill to protect their land, but can this or any other thing justify what happened in Mumbai? How can killing innocent people who have nothing to do with anything be justified? In fact not just in Mumbai, but anywhere in the world where innocent lives are taken; how can any of that be justified?

I was not able to sleep well for a few days following the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. This may well be called the ‘911’ of India.

Doesn’t it make you think what we really are doing to us? It really does not matter whether the ones who are killing and the ones who are killed are Hindus or Muslims or Christians or Jewish or white or black or brown, or American or Afghani or India – the bottom line is that a human is killing another human.

There is no alibi for what we’ve done to us!

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