Mumbai Terrorist Attacks:

I do not want to say much about this as I think I am very much affected by whatever that went on in Mumbai. Being of Indian origin and a former Indian citizen my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones and to all those brave soldiers and policeman who risked their lives and died to protect their citizens.

Terrorist attacks keep happening in various parts of India, but no one really gives it much attention. Even I seemed to care less about them, but this recent one in Mumbai has really left me shaken. I don’t know whether it was the wide media coverage or the sheer manner in which these terrorists carried out their massacre that really affected me. I do have extended family in India, and I feel it could have been anyone of them. I was in India in 2006 for summer holidays when there were multiple bomb blasts in Mumbai trains just few days before I was supposed to board a plane from Mumbai airport coming back to Canada Рeven that did not affect me as much as this recent attacks have.

Let’s just assume for argument sake that sometimes wars may be needed so that a few lives are taken to save the lives of many, or let’s say that it is justifiable that we have soldiers on borders protecting their respected countries and that they be ready to kill to protect their land, but can this or any other thing justify what happened in Mumbai? How can killing innocent people who have nothing to do with anything be justified? In fact not just in Mumbai, but anywhere in the world where innocent lives are taken; how can any of that be justified?

I was not able to sleep well for a few days following the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. This may well be called the ‘911’ of India.

Doesn’t it make you think what we really are doing to us? It really does not matter whether the ones who are killing and the ones who are killed are Hindus or Muslims or Christians or Jewish or white or black or brown, or American or Afghani or India – the bottom line is that a human is killing another human.

There is no alibi for what we’ve done to us!


Canadian Politics : Part One

Canadians went to the polls just two years after they went to the polls and elected the Stephen Harper led Conservative Party who formed a minority government. I still really don’t get why there was another election in the first place. This time Canadians again elected the Stephen Harper led Conservative Party and yet again Canadians had to witness a minority government. So the question on every Canadian’s (or at least some Canadians like me) mind was, “What was really the point of this election?”.

This time was the first time I voted. Last time around, I had a chance but didn‚Äôt vote, but I thought this time I should; it is my right and I must exercise my right and also because you know what they say, “Every vote counts”.

I didn‚Äôt want to vote for the Liberals because I really doubted Dion‚Äôs capabilities as a leader and to be honest the Liberals were all over the place with their campaign, and what‚Äôs up with the carbon tax? Dion doesn‚Äôt really look or sounds like a prime minister, Harper looks like a crook (joke, please don’t take that seriously; I didn‚Äôt quite buy all their policies), and Duceppe (leader of the Quebec Bloc) is a separatist. Jack Layton, the leader of the NDP was the only guy who seemed consistent and well,‚Ķ the only other party left. Although, there is also the Green party, if anyone even wants to consider them a real political party. In times like this when the country is facing a recession, making the environment our first priority isn‚Äôt really a very smart thing to do, and thankfully Canadians realize that and it is evident from the fact that not even one member of the Green party got elected. Don‚Äôt get me wrong! I am all for the environment, I try the little things that I can to make a difference, but looking at the current economic situation, the environment can wait.

So now the new government is sworn in and Canada again witnesses Harper Led Conservative minority government.

Stephen Harper faces a tough challenge with the receding economy and 1000‚Äôs or job losses across Canada. What does he do? He proposes to do something, but nothing which would throw in life jackets for the sinking economy like some sort of an economic stimulus package. Instead, what the Conservatives propose is to sell off crown assets, and on top of that, they wanted to cut back on government funding for political parties, which was their way of showing that “Hey, we know that Canadians are feeling the pinch and we want to show that we understand so we‚Äôre going to tone down our piggy bank (a very large piggy bank)”. But what does that do for the economy? Nothing!

This is just like that ridiculous tax reduction that Harper put in place the last time he was elected prime minister. Are Canadians really buying this non-sense? An average Canadian does not buy a house or a car every month or buy expensive things or buy things in large quantities. It’s only the rich ones that will be really benefiting from this tax reduction. The average Canadian hardly saves enough to make any difference in their bank balance or life style. And just to remind my readers that there is no tax on basic items anyway! This only reduced millions of dollars in revenue for the government without affecting the middle class and low income Canadian households in a positive way.

Oh and I am not done yet. Stay tuned for more!


Back after almost a year….

Waow. It has been such a long time since I last updated my blog, its almost a year. I guess I didn’t quite follow up with my new years resolution…lol. There have been many times when I wanted to update my blog but just could not (couldn’t get myself to that is). Today I actually made it mandatory for myself to update my blog.

Quite a few things I will talk about in the next few blogs to come. Open source and why I’m loving it, Google’s browser, chrome, US election, the global economy…etc etc.. Oh Man! So many things are going on in this world.

Another major thing to note is that it has been a while since I started work on, in fact it has take much longer than it should have, but nonetheless the beta version is almost complete and the target launch date is roughly set to some time in December 08 or early Jan 09. Not many people know about – only a few close family members and friends. Hopefully people will get to know about it once the beta version is out and hopefully people like it. It will be very, very simple (but that is just for now), lots of cool ideas and other subprojects spawning from it in 2009 Р2010.


Trying New things

Things don’t always go the way you plan them to go. For me, I think they have never gone the way I have planned them to go. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Does it not make you wander if you are really in control of your life when things do not go the way you plan them. I don’t know if I should say that one day my plans would really flourish and become into a true reality. hehe

Well I hadn’t planned on going for skiing, but I did and it was awesome. Turns out learning how to ski is not all that difficult. I think I can say now that I can ski; but am I good? (haha) Oh, I don’t think so. But yah, for a first timer I think I did well. There was an extreme cold alert, wind warnings and heavy snowfall – and it was awesome! Next time I want to try on snowboarding. And then bungee jumping, and then sky diving. I think we all should try things in life at least once no matter how crazy they sound and that is what I will do. Take up a challenge and conquer it! Because let’s face it even if reincarnation was possible, do you really want to take your chances into getting the same opportunities you have in this life?

I have also started learning a new language – Mandarin. No, that was not part of my plan; it just happened. I am learning it from few of my co-workers. It has been only almost a week and I have learnt quite a few things. But then a friend of mine suggested learning a language that I might get some real use of (not to say that learning Mandarin would be of no use) like French since it is also one of the official languages of Canada. Actually, I have always wanted to learn French.

So,… Take a challenge and conquer it! Because as I always say there is no such thing as “I can’t do something”, because what you can and cannot do is only within the bounds of nature!


New Year’s Resolution – 2008

Every year I think about how fast time flies. Every year it feels like it was just yesterday when I was looking forward to the year 2000 – you know, with the whole Y2K thing. I remember in 1994 I was in Sydney, Australia and there were t-shirts and caps and sweaters and a lot more with the Olympics symbol on it and Sydney 2000 written on them. That was a whole 6 years before the actually Olympic games. I remember buying a sweater back then and how I waited in excitement for the year 2000 to come.

When it finally came I was just released from hospital after a nose surgery. I had fractured my nose. I still remember it – it was December 31, 1999 and I was lying in bed at home, all alone while everyone was out partying. Oh don’t feel sorry for me, it’s actually pretty funny when you think of it – I laugh at that moment too.

Months and years have went by since that day and now we are into the year 2008. The way time flies; it makes everything surreal. The first thing that I said on January 1, 2008 was “Soon it’s going to be 2009”. So what should my New Year’s Resolution be? Let me guess,… to live my life to the fullest, right? Wrong, that is just too abstract. I needed something concrete, so I decided that I am going to work on getting in shape, specifically, 6 packs (lol yah I know).

Amongst other things, I will be working on becoming more organized and stop being a procrastinator.

I have a lot more on my mind, but I will end it right here for now.


Back After a long time

It has been a very long time since I last added anything to my blog – I know! One reason is that I stay in front of a computer all day, and the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is do more work on a computer. So, as you may have guessed already – Yah, after graduating I started working. In fact I started working even before I had officially graduated :D. I think the consistent job hunting and going to job fairs, workshops etc etc… actually paid off. But I also think it requires a bit of luck too.

I will be posting my graduation pictures (don’t know when, but will do). I’d like to thank all those who showed some interest and sent me emails about my site. Please send me more emails. Anything goes – suggestions, comments (both good and bad are welcomed).


Vista: The first Impression

I thought before I start talking about Windows Vista, let me first find out what the word “Vista” really means. I couldn’t really come to the conclusion of its true meaning, because there are a lot of ‘experts’ telling their own stories. Some of the meanings that I came across were – hen, sight, “Hasta La Vista” meaning good bye, and one of the worst ones – excretion!

However, the most insulting one that I found was on one of forums that I came across:


V = Virus
I = Infections
S = Spyware
T = Trojans
A = Adware.

I can tell you one thing – I am sure it isn’t that bad. From all that I have heard, Microsoft has put a lot of effort into making Vista a very secure operating system (I know some of you might already be chuckling from your experience with previous Windows systems).

But I really want to talk about what my first impression of Vista was when I started using it. Wandering why I even bothered to get Vista? My Dell laptop broke and I really needed a new one. BTW, I am never ever going to get a Dell again. First, my charger breaks, then I had to replace my battery, then one of my memory slots die, so I bought a 512 ram chip to keep working with one slot, and now even that was busted. And all this happened in less than 3 years. Yah I know I should have gotten extended warrantee, but who knew it was going to be a piece of $5%!*.

Oh right… yah,…Vista. Firstly, there are 6 different versions of Vista! Why? Ya really WHY? There’s no version that gives you best features packed in one. If you take Home Premium (I don’t even want to mention Home Basic), you’re missing out some of the things you might need for your small business, if you take Business edition, you’re missing out on the entertainment part of your system. The only version that gives you all is Ultimate edition. But what if I don’t want everything? Then you and I have to choose either an ‘entertainment system’ or a business system. Why couldn’t they come up with at least one Windows Vista “value pack” that doesn’t just throw everything at you like Vista Ultimate does, but gives you best of both the entertainment world and the business world.

Moving on. I was hoping as soon as I turn on my laptop I would be able to start working with it – not really! It took more than half an hour for it to do its “initial setup”.

The Transparent look is nothing really to marvel at. I was literally yawning. And you know how you can choose different windows that are open by pressing “Alt + Tab” in windows XP? Well,…you can do that in Vista too, but it looks way better. However to spice things up you can press “windows key + Tab” and do the same thing in 3-D! (WAOW right? Not! Like I care,…yawning). Both the transparency effect and the 3-Dness is useless.

Another useless feature is the little preview window over the taskbar for programs that have been minimized. For example, say you are working with 5 different word files, is that little preview window going to show you enough so that you can click nothing else but the right one? Absolutely not! I’d rather save time and just click on the window to see if that’s the one I want.

The only feature that made me say “now THAT’s what I am talking about.” is the search feature. Ever tried doing a search on your Windows XP and seeing that stupid dog doing boring tricks while you wait for at least one file to show up in your search window? Well great news – in Vista they got rid of that dog, man’s (man/woman using windows) best friend. Vista actually shows you your search results as you start typing, and then keeps narrowing it down – that I like.

The Gadgets are okay…Hmmm Gadgets (Widgets) sounds familiar doesn’t it. I.E. (Internet Explorer) 7 is much better than previous versions. Its much secure and has other needed features like tabbed browsing. But that’s just for people who have never looked outside their ‘windows’. I finally don’t mind using I.E. for surfing the Internet.

There are other things that give users some better experience compared to previous version of windows, but overall Vista is a disappointment. Or perhaps I was just expecting more. I decided to hand down my new Vista Laptop to my sibling and stick to my windows XP. I just hope Vista is not the ME of 2007 (remember Windows ME?), which is a scary thought.


Ah Finally!: My Blog Begins

Finally I’ve made the move to start my blog. There’s a lot of things I want to talk about here, but I must say progress will be quite slow at the beginning. That’s because I’m in the middle of a few things at the moment.

To highlight a few things in my life a the moment – I’ll be graduating in June 2007 with a Honours Specialized degree in Computer Science :D, so that’s exciting. Just looking for jobs at the moment, you know the usual thing people do after graduation. I am really looking forward to start working. The fact is I am more excited by the thought of working than the fact that I’m finally done with university!

I’ll be adding RSS feeds etc to my blog soon. There are many tools already available, but I’m thinking of writing my own little program that’ll do it for me. I’ll probably even post it on my website for people to download…I’ll see how it goes.

While searching for some tools on the Internet, I came across this, it’s pretty amazing, not only is it thought provoking, but the way the video is made and how it progresses makes it even better.

Enjoy :)… or well… ponder upon it