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Made some Music

I was in the mood to listen to some sitar, but found none to be of my taste so arranged some loops. Check it out!
and Let me know what you think.

Entertainment Self Development

Shayari on Stage

So on September 4th, 2011, I performed on stage a Shayari. I used a very unorthodox style of reciting it. It was more on the rap side, but not completely because according to the rules of stage performance set for the event, participants were not really allowed to sing. And although some people would argue otherwise, but that really would have been considered singing.

I think I did well, considering I only went through the whole thing from start to finish 3 times before the actual performance.

People laughed and it was received well, which was a pleasant surprise. I really did not expect anything. All I knew was I wanted to do this and I did it. It all started off as a joke, and then I thought.. hmm.. maybe I should do this.

Some people were offended and I’m sure of that because I saw it with my own eyes…Oh well…

And this makes 3…First,… jumping off a 30 feet cliff without even ever daring to jump into a swimming pool, off the dock into the river or a lake….then sky diving…. and then ..not just public speaking… shayari in front of a few hundred people.

Summer was officially AWESOME!!

One last word before I let you enjoy the show,…Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to take action despite the presence of fear!

And Every time you do it! You grow stronger!