Public libraries and meeting places

It just seems to me that people have forgotten what a public library is for. Library is a place where people get some quiet time so that they can read peaceful, but there was a time when you could even meditate in a library, and now is a time where even reading has become difficult. Over the course of 4 years I saw the library at my university grow in size, people and in noise. Two years after graduation I am sitting in this public library and it seems to be getting worse. Even the librarians do not seem to care.

I can do my work here with easy – I don’t have any problem. But what bugs me is that there was a time when people were scared to sneeze as that sneeze would echo through the library and now a sneeze probably won’t even be heard. It just seems that people have forgotten what the real purpose of a library was.

Software Technology

Iphone, Thunderbird + lightning, and ICal

I have an Iphone and simply love it. I also use thunderbird as my default mail client and the lightning plugin as my calendar and I’m on a mac. I searched the Internet for clues to sync the iphone and lightning. Every site and every forum that I came across gave me all these weird solutions like syncing lightning with Google calendar and then sync that with ICal finally syncing that with your Iphone using Itunes.

I decided to go with a different approach. Remember what the wise ones said, “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.” I just thought of going with a simple solution:

  1. Export Calendar from Thunderbird.
  2. Import it in ICal
  3. Sync with Iphone Using Itunes.

And IT WORKED! Why do people go off looking for complicated, round about ways of doing things?

And for windows,¬† the same should work too. Except you’d be using Outlook instead of ICal. I haven’t tried it. If anyone who has can post a comment here.