5 Time Travel Movies You Must Watch

Science fiction is my favourite movie genre .I even took a humanities course in university on science fiction. Yes I’m that obsessed. My favourite sci-fi sub genre is time travel. Here are the 5 movies that I think you must watch. They are not necessarily all the very best in the time travel class, but there are a number of reasons ranging from the ‘classic’ factor to just plain fun to watch.


Source Wikipedia
Source Wikipedia

This is one the most novel time travel movies. It’s made in a very natural down to earth kind of way and watching it almost feels like you’re watching a home movie of people who are involved in a startup company that builds time travelling machines at the same time it never falls short of interesting. Most sci-fi movies are overly dramatic with extreme visual effects, however this movie portrays a very realistic looking story telling technique combined with a gradual pacing that builds in intensity and complexity while at the same time leaving the viewer in a state of puzzle solving that is required to stay with the unique flow of the movie. The entire movie was costs only around $7000 which goes to show you don’t need a huge budget to tell a very compelling story.

The story revolves around 2 engineers who while working on a device to reduce the weight of my object with 2 other people discover a strange side effect of the device that they were creating and thus begins their adventure. At first they use it to make money then things start to go out of hand with multiple time lines all intersecting, something chaotic happens, friendships are affected and then there is the way that the movie ends. Any lover of sci-fi needs to watch this movie.



This has to be the best time travel movie every made. It is sad how little recognition this movie had received. I cannot say much because to tell you about the movie would be to give away major spoilers.

It has all the time travel paradoxes and time loops you can think about. It is also a bit of an emotional movie. As the movie progresses you start to sympathize with the characters in the movie. The first 20 or 30 minutes of the movie gradually traverses the conversation between the two main characters and then it jumps a level of action with a jump in the time line, each time weaving the lives of the characters into the story. One of them is a time travelling cop whose job is to prevent crimes before they takes place. One of the characters is looking for purpose after heart breaks and defeats, then there is a bomber who seems to succeed in destroying and killing lives no matter how hard the time travelling agents try to stop him. Finally there is a new time travelling agent recruit. There are major twists in the movie which I cannot say anything about. Yes it’s about time travel, but it’s also about love, betrayal, destiny, fate, time-travel paradoxes. All in all: This is a MUST see movie.

Ground Hog Day

Source Wikipedia
Source Wikipedia

Now, I know that this movie isn’t really a true time travel movie or even true science fiction, but it does have a time loop. The main character is a selfish, self absorbed weather reporter who experiences the same day again and again. Care to guess which day?

Yes, Ground Hog Day. It’s the journey of a person who evolves from a self absorbed person to a frustrated person, to someone who starts caring about other people and learns about their lives then later becoming someone who focusses on himself but in a personal growth and appreciative kind of way. In a lot of ways Ground Hog day is just about a story about everyone. It shows you the possibility of learning and mastering things in life and stimulates the imagination – what if you could live the same day over and over again? Would you be happy, sad, frustrate, angry? And if so why? What would you do? How would you handle it? Will it be a curse or a gift?

Back to the Future

Source: wikipedia
Source: wikipedia

There is no other movie that is loved as much as this. Back to the Future is a classic! The story is about a teen named Marty McFly who gets thrown back in time when his parents were teens in high school. He is faced with the challenge of making his parents meet and fall in love so that he exists in the future. There are moments when the possibility of his father and mother connecting and falling in love reduces and Marty begins to fade out of existence.

There isn’t much of hard science fictions in this movie, but as I mentioned it’s a classic and a much loved one. It’s a fun movie to check off your list.


Hot Tub Time Machine

p7820979_d_v7_aaMy final recommendation is the  Hot Tub Time Machine. This movie is actually more of a comedy than it is a sci-fi. The reason I picked this is because it takes into account the moral debate about changing the future by changing the past and the buttery fly effect. If you ever go back in time, would you want to change certain aspects of your past? If you could change the past, should you? What are the possible consequences of changing the past? If none of that interests you, then don’t worry it’s still a very fun movie to watch.

There are of course many more movies out there which might be better picks as pure time travel movies, but I had to pick 5 and I picked the ones that I think you would enjoy and plus threw in some that will leave you scratching your head like Primer, or get you blown away by the ultimate time travel paradox like Predestination.

If you are a hardcore sci-fi person, then I would add to the list, Donnie Darko, Looper, 12 Monkeys, The Time Machine (1960,2002), The Butterfly Effect, Source Code and Edge of Tomorrow. If you agree or disagree with my list, please leave a comment below, like and share!


Reasons Why X-Box One is a Better All-rounded Game Console

If you are thinking of purchasing a new game console or upgrading from a previous generation console to a new generation console you have 3 options:

Xbox-one-logo-2 downloadimages


  1. Xbox One
  2. Playstation 4
  3. Nintendo Wii U

If you are buying for kids, I would say you can stop reading this article and just buy the Wii U, it has tones of kid-friendly games and PS4 and X1 don’t even come close to the Wii U in that department. Playstation 4 and Xbox One is more for serious gamers and for people who are looking to setup a central home entertainment system. So in this post I am going to be mostly comparing Xbox One with Playstation 4.

One thing to keep in mind is whichever game console you chose, know that your old games from previous generation consoles will NOT work on the new generation – at least that is true for X1 and PS4.


Xbox One generally has cheaper deals to start you off with your gaming. You can usually get an Xbox for around $350 (CAD) with one or two games included in the bundle, where as a Playstation 4 will usually cost a $100 more.


To be honest, there isn’t much game development that really fully utilizes the Kinect, but if you know anything about the Kinect from Xbox 360, you know that the experience of playing a Kinect dance game was just pure fun. Kinect for Xbox One is supposedly better at tracking multiple players and has sensors with a wider field of view making it easier to track gesture for even tight spaces. I’m including the Kinect for its future potential here.


2D Boxshot Wizard v1.1 mc f39dda8b-7421-4c55-be2b-26443e964323 82018ba7-8b3c-4bb6-8ef0-df470563ea50

The games department can go either way since most games are multi-platform anyway, so it basically comes down to the exclusive game collection. If you are a Hallo fan, or even just want to play a Halo Game then Xbox One is your console. The Master Chief Collection is the one thing that made my purchase of the Xbox One over Christmas a worthwhile investment. Then there is Forza Horizon 2 and Forza Motorsport 5 – both amazing racing games. Sunset Overdrive is also one of my favourites. These games will keep you entertained. Another noteworthy mention is TitanFall. When I first played Titanfall it blew me away – I think it is the best multiplayer first person shooter game I have ever played.

Of course Playstaion has inFamous, Uncharted and The Last of Us, so we can call this a tie. But a game console is no longer just for gaming and here’s why:

Live TV

You can connect your TV Cable Box to Xbox One and be able to access the TV Guide directly on your Xbox One. You can also play games while you are watching TV, if you are into that sort of thing.

Home Media Server and Cloud – Plex and One Drive


OneDrive-logo-blue-bg Plex-Logo

Here is where I think the Xbox One really shines. Plex was one of the reasons which pushed me towards getting an Xbox. Now however, Playstation also has Plex. But Micrsoft One Drive still only works with Xbox One(not surprising to see why). This is really useful since you can have your phone automatically backup your photos and videos to your One Drive while you are out and about say on vacation or a trip to the each or a birthday party, you can then come home and simply turn on your Xbox One and start viewing and sharing you photos and videos.




The Suits Love Affairs

Before you start reading this article, please note that all this will not make any sense whatsoever if you don’t know what Suits is. Suits is a legal drama television show which in highly technical jargon is Awesome! In fact, it is so awesome, if there were only 2 shows that I could recommend that my beloved readers can watch, it would be Suits and Under The Dome .

People who actually watch Suits, let’s face it, as much as I love the kick-but intellectual and social kung-fu action that Suits is, the show would not be what it is if it were not for it’s love affairs. In fact, the Season 3 finale was all about the Suits Love Affair: Louis and Sheila, Harvey and Scotty, and Mike and Rachael.

So that led to this: A compilation of the Suits Love Affair ( I got a kick out of this one myself)

The Obvious one of course is Mike and Rachael:



The Complicated Harvey and Scotty:

Harvey and Scotty


The short lived Donna and Stephen that makes you go, Ohhh,…aah… and then damn… that son of  B***:

1240124_522823161130652_1952287989_nDonna - Suits


The awkward and weird made for each other Louis and Sheila:

Suits - Season 2 Louis and Sheila

The power struggle and troubled ‘marriage’ of Jessica and Darby:

Suits: Jessica and Darby


Nigel and His Cat:

1233623_518944294851872_961061639_nSuits: Nigel's Cat


These two haven’t met, but their common arch nemesis Harvey and their snake like personality would make them perfect of each other – Tanner and Cameron:

Suits - Season 3 S02E07P02_Tanner


However the real Love Affairs are the following:

The tag team bromance of Mike and Harvey:



Jessica and Control:


 Ava Hessington and Hessington Oil:

Suits - Season 3
Louis Litt and Interns:



Rachael and Law Degree:



Donna and Donna: ‘Cause she’s that awesome!


So that’s my take on the Suits Love Affairs! What’s yours? If you like this post, please share it and leave a comment below!


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Miss America 2014

For all those who don't know, the new Miss America 2014 is of Indian Origin.

Miss America winner Nina Davuluri

Miss America 2014 winner Nina Davuluri


So this is what is happening on twitter: According to some Americans on Twitter, the new Miss America is not American, but an Arab Terrorist. Then there are people who are calling all Indians terrorists and some are bringing in Barak Obama, as if it was his "fault" ~ Some Twitter user. Some brilliantly connecting the tragedy of 911 to an Indian-American girl who won a pageant.

Here are a few samples of the whole Drama:

To take a look at more tweets from the source, click below:

Then there are some who are reminding Americans that they're all immigrants, and if going by calling the new Miss America "not an American", then they're all "not American".


Then there are people(Indians and non-Indians) pointing out that India is not Arab while at the same time, somehow managing (or apparently) degrading Arabs, which led to some presumably Arabs bad mouthing Indians.

Here is a look at one such conversation :

Here is an Interesting tweet, which clearly is on the Indian defensive side by pointing out "We" are not "Them".


Anil Dash points out a reality that a lot of Indians living in America might actually be facing:


However this post particularly hit home when it comes to prejudice against Indians, which ironically comes from within India and is prominent within the Indian community more than anywhere outside of it. The fact that Indians with darker skin are discriminated in India and by Indians outside of India because they are "Too Indian"!


Another interesting topic that came out was the question of whether beauty pageants like Miss America should even exists. The unrealistic expectations that girls face today regarding physical beauty, weight issues and the general objectification of women. There were also questions raised on the validity and fairness of the contest.

This one kind of makes me appreciate the fact that I'm Canadian! Lorin Lee, we'll be happy to welcome you. 🙂

This one is witty:


Then there is the typical mob mentality where everyone is bashing everyone else:

Americans getting bashed:

Here's an interesting post. This gentleman shuns racists, but does it in “all but wrong” fashion – Arab getting bashed.

Which leads to this twitter, responding in an equally interesting manner. Indians getting bashed by Arab:
This person really needs to work on their disses – she made me laugh.


But for those who think this is all but too depressing, never fear, Twitter has it all covered, so on a lighter note, these following tweets made me laugh:

Here is one of my favourites – Quite clever way to be able to laugh at a classic stereotype that affects him.


So what's Kapil's take on this. I personally don't have much use for such beauty pageants, but I think the new Miss America, Nina Davuluri has her work cut out for her. Not only is she now Miss America, but she is the first Miss America of Indian Origin (I say that as if I'm expecting to see more Indian-American Miss Americas, but hey, how knows? Right?), on top of that she is already a target for racists across her country, but this also means she will have more support from her fellow Americans who may feel the need to stand up to racism.

The reality is that it is difficult for a person of Indian origin to be a public figure outside of India. She will have to work twice as hard and take extreme precautions to stay away from controversies and scandals.

And of course, no pressure but she's not just representing America, she'll also be representing NRIs across the globe. But then diamonds are only formed under extreme pressure! Good Luck Nina Davuluri!

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Zindagi – Enigma: The Greatest Show on Earth

On Saturday, September 7th ,2013, I performed a mix of Hindi and English prose at Shri Kshatriya Mitra Mandal, Toronto's (SKMM Toronto) annual function at Rose Theatre in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Zindagi Enigma is philosophical examination of the life of an individual from the birth of his child going backwards in time, meeting his soul mate, starting work and experiencing uncertainties of his career, going to college while searching for him identity, conflicts with religious beliefs handed down to him, falling in love for the first time, growing up as child, and then finally his first breathe at birth and then it all begins – The Greatest Show on Earth.

Due to time constraints, the act was cut short. If I get a chance, I shall post record the full version some day, but for this, enjoy! 🙂

For those who have asked me whether this is story is based on my life, the answer is no. This story and the characters in it are fictitious and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is purely coincidental.


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Made some Music

I was in the mood to listen to some sitar, but found none to be of my taste so arranged some loops. Check it out!
and Let me know what you think.

Entertainment Self Development

Shayari on Stage

So on September 4th, 2011, I performed on stage a Shayari. I used a very unorthodox style of reciting it. It was more on the rap side, but not completely because according to the rules of stage performance set for the event, participants were not really allowed to sing. And although some people would argue otherwise, but that really would have been considered singing.

I think I did well, considering I only went through the whole thing from start to finish 3 times before the actual performance.

People laughed and it was received well, which was a pleasant surprise. I really did not expect anything. All I knew was I wanted to do this and I did it. It all started off as a joke, and then I thought.. hmm.. maybe I should do this.

Some people were offended and I’m sure of that because I saw it with my own eyes…Oh well…

And this makes 3…First,… jumping off a 30 feet cliff without even ever daring to jump into a swimming pool, off the dock into the river or a lake….then sky diving…. and then ..not just public speaking… shayari in front of a few hundred people.

Summer was officially AWESOME!!

One last word before I let you enjoy the show,…Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to take action despite the presence of fear!

And Every time you do it! You grow stronger!


Entertainment Philosophy Self Development

‘3 Idiots’ and its lesson

‘3 Idiots’ is a movie about the education system. It was a very enlightening experience as it brought back some memories of the past. Some good ones, and some not so good ones. It made me realize that through this whole process of ‘growing up’, maturing and building my career, I had forgotten the true nature of life and the things that we do in life. It made me realize that my perception of reality had drastically altered from the time I was in high school to now, and that I needed to fuse my experiences of my past and present to have true growth by re-realizing purpose.

The movie is about a brilliant young lad and the journey of him and his friends through engineering college. The main character is fun loving, brilliant and a person who is passionate about learning. The movie teaches us that the whole purpose of a school system is to teach and nurture young minds. But schools and students have fallen into this tangle of results, grades and achievement and a popularity contest among friends which ultimately has become a meaningless phase of our lives which instead of enlightening us has become a burden of requirements. Requirement to achieve grades, requirements to be agreeable to professors, requirements of future expectations from employers, from parents, from friends and from the individual students themselves.

No one really thinks about true purpose. What drives me, what empowers me, what is my true passion in life, what can I learn and experience to have a greater value of life? These are quality questions, but instead our lives are ruled by ‘Which university is more popular? What are my friends doing? Which degree is marketable? Will I get a job? What do I need to do to get these grades? How much money will I earn with this degree?

When you truly come to think about this, you will realize that it’s not just the education system. Even after graduating and going out in the field we are always trying to answer these meaningless questions. How many people are doing what they truly love doing, what they are truly passionate about and what in their gut feels to them like their true nature? I would guess not many – whether it be art, business or their profession.

Realizing true purpose gives meaning to our lives and everything that we do. Purpose is really the life force of our existence, and without it we might as well all be dead.

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World Obsession with Apocalypse

So, yet another apocalypse movie, yet another end of days. Is it just me or does everyone think that everyone is obsessed about the impending doom, the end of the existence of the human species etc…
I’ll just mention few of the recent ones: “Deep Impact‚” ‚ÄúArmageddon‚Äù, ‚ÄúThe Core‚Äù, ‚ÄúDay After Tomorrow‚Äù. There are so many more, old and new that if I were to write them all I’d be listing at least 50 movies. Then there are those movies that have elements of the apocalypse, even though the whole movie maybe really based on something else.

This obsession is not only recent. Stories and prophecies of the end of days are in every region, every ancient civilization and almost every ancient scriptures. Do I believe in any of them? Well, we’re overdue for an ice age, and the reversal of the magnetic poles, the earth could be hit by a giant astroid, or we could just blow each other up, and if none of this happens then our star, the sun will eventually explode and die out consuming every planet in the solar system. But not to worry, we still have a few billions years left for that.

As far 2012 being the end of the world as we know it ‚Äì I highly doubt it, but that is not to say that something major won’t be happening.
Check out what will be happening in 2012.


The Emmys

Before I say something else, I’ll say I used to like the Oscars better than the Emmys, and the Emmys better than the Grammys. But last night when I was thinking about it, I actually like the Emmys better since I spend a lot of time watching TV.

I have to say that Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks better than ever, and Neil Patrick Harris did a pretty good job of hosting the Emmys. But what blew my mind away was Bryan Cranston and his winning of the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series award. I always saw him as the unfortunate father of four notorious boys in “Malcolm in the Middle”. I knew him from his work in a comic role and I knew he was pretty damn good, but this…wow. I haven’t seen any of the episodes of Breaking Bad ‚Äì well frankly yesterday was the first time I heard about it. But winning an Emmy sure tells that he must be really good at what he‚Äôs doing.

Other not so surprising ones were awards to 30 Rock.

And more on TV later…