My Vision for My Company

Someone asked me what is your vision for yourself or for your company. Surprisingly, I answered the question right away, and when I thought back at what I had said, I realised it was absolutely true. This is the exact thing that drives me day in day out. I just never consciously thought about formulating my vision for what I was doing. But now that I know, it just creates juice in my life. Well, what did I really say? Here it is:

I want to build and work with a company that is the driving force of technology. My vision is not only to deliver the best using current technology but evolve to being the company that is a major player in shaping the way we interact, communicate and do business that enhances not only wealth but also the quality of every aspect of people’s lives.

Entertainment Philosophy

World Obsession with Apocalypse

So, yet another apocalypse movie, yet another end of days. Is it just me or does everyone think that everyone is obsessed about the impending doom, the end of the existence of the human species etc…
I’ll just mention few of the recent ones: “Deep Impact‚” ‚ÄúArmageddon‚Äù, ‚ÄúThe Core‚Äù, ‚ÄúDay After Tomorrow‚Äù. There are so many more, old and new that if I were to write them all I’d be listing at least 50 movies. Then there are those movies that have elements of the apocalypse, even though the whole movie maybe really based on something else.

This obsession is not only recent. Stories and prophecies of the end of days are in every region, every ancient civilization and almost every ancient scriptures. Do I believe in any of them? Well, we’re overdue for an ice age, and the reversal of the magnetic poles, the earth could be hit by a giant astroid, or we could just blow each other up, and if none of this happens then our star, the sun will eventually explode and die out consuming every planet in the solar system. But not to worry, we still have a few billions years left for that.

As far 2012 being the end of the world as we know it ‚Äì I highly doubt it, but that is not to say that something major won’t be happening.
Check out what will be happening in 2012.


beat the flu, and now back in bussiness

Hello everyone,

It’s been a long time since I posted something on my blog. I had been out from it all, battling my fall arch nemesis, the flu..haha. It’s been two weeks that the coughing has kept me locked inside the house and away from the phone so I haven’t been even able to talk to anyone, including clients and friends.

But kaps is back in business. Got some exciting projects ahead of me. Updates to have been at a stand still. The future of really rests in the coming few weeks.

So what will today’s big quote be? All I have to say is that people who have failed must have given up at some point. So if you have a dream, you better protect it, because those who cannot do something will tell you, you can’t do it (friends and family included).

History has told us that persistence and perseverance has always paid off, so folks, just when you think that everything is going against you, know that the better, brighter future is just around the corner. The night will always be darkest before dawn, but know that dawn is coming! So when you feel you are at your darkest moments, start celebrating and KNOW that dawn is coming!