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I’m Never Retiring!

Today after dinner and watching a movie, I sat there on my sofa thinking what I should do. I was thinking what I should be doing. There are a couple of things I needed to get done, but didn't quite want to do it. I had this very uncomfortable feeling and I could not make out what it was until it suddenly hit me. I was BORED!

For the first time in a very long time, I was actually feeling bored, and I hated the feeling. Not being in a state where I was not doing something for a very long time had made me completely forget about what it was to be not doing something. Today I have decided that I will never be retiring. I never want to retire. Why should anyone want to retire?

I'll tell you why. Because there is so much in life that one can do. If anything, I think there isn't enough time to do everything that one really is capable of doing. Recently, everyday I see new possibilities of living life. There is simply so much to do. I think people grow into adults and they learn to limit their imagination. Kids are amazing; they are always doing something – playing with their toys, running around, well crying too, and eating, and maybe just sitting there, but even while sitting most of the time their playing imaginary and creative games.

I for one always want to be a kid and imagine the possibilities that life can bring. There is simply so much to do and words like boring, bored or boredom should just simply be removed from the dictionary.

Software Technology

Iphone, Thunderbird + lightning, and ICal

I have an Iphone and simply love it. I also use thunderbird as my default mail client and the lightning plugin as my calendar and I’m on a mac. I searched the Internet for clues to sync the iphone and lightning. Every site and every forum that I came across gave me all these weird solutions like syncing lightning with Google calendar and then sync that with ICal finally syncing that with your Iphone using Itunes.

I decided to go with a different approach. Remember what the wise ones said, “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.” I just thought of going with a simple solution:

  1. Export Calendar from Thunderbird.
  2. Import it in ICal
  3. Sync with Iphone Using Itunes.

And IT WORKED! Why do people go off looking for complicated, round about ways of doing things?

And for windows,¬† the same should work too. Except you’d be using Outlook instead of ICal. I haven’t tried it. If anyone who has can post a comment here.