2015: The Best Year Yet!

I just wanted to write a quick post before the year 2015 ends! Just a week ago I was reminiscing about everything that happened in 2015. So much has happened this year. At the beginning of the year, I wrote this on my Facebook page…

#2014 The year of high highs and low lows. #2015 The year to take possession of what’s rightfully ours. Unbreakable spirits need no assurance, positive attitudes need no reason to celebrate.
Old enough to know, young enough to not care, bold enough to dare, crazy enough to dream, confident enough to roar, strong enough to fight, determined enough to rise, true enough to tear down lies, fast enough to jab, patient enough to wait, flexible enough to change. We will own you #2015. ‪#‎ChallengeAccepted‬ ‪#‎HappyNewYear‬

I posed a challenge to the year 2015 and a challenge to myself and a challenge to the naysayers and as I recall the events of this year, I realize, the year 2015 turned out so much better than I expected. For me personally, 2015 has been an amazing year – The best year yet! 🙂

Something strangely magical happens when you declare how your life is going to be even if you don’t know the little details, even if you don’t know how the positives elements will be brought about in your life, but it happens when you declare it with utmost certainty. As I write this I am filled with tremendous gratitude.

2016…. Here I come!