The Nobel Peace Prize goes to Barack Obama

That’s right! US president Barack Obama wins the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize and the reason the Nobel Prize organization says is “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”.

I for one am very confused. I am all for what Obama is trying to do and his promises to bring peace. But they are just that – promises. He hasn’t even been in office for a year and as far as I can see he has yet to produce real results – not that he won’t. But that’s more like awarding a Nobel Physics Prize for hope of invention of some new technology or a Nobel Chemistry Prize for plans of discovering a new element.

This is just a very huge responsibility handed to this one man and the whole world will be watching every move that he makes. I think it’s a very bold statement by the Nobel Prize Committee. I think world politics and world diplomacy will be seeing some stunning transformation. Let’s keep a close watch…


Hire Me!

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Philosophy Self Development

Time is not money

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Time is money”, and for the longest time we have lived with it. I guess that is the easiest way to describe what time is, because there is no real thing that we can relate time to. Money in our world is very important, and so is time and perhaps that is the best metaphor to create- “Time is Money”. Today I read something that I think will change my life profoundly. I will never be the same ever again.

Time is actually more important and more precious than money. Money is something you can make, earn, win in a lottery or borrow. But what about time? No one can manufacture time, no one can earn time or borrow time; time is the most precious thing in the world.


Nuit Blanche

Someone correct me if I’m wrong. Nuit Blanche which means white night in French marks the sunset to sunrise arts festival in Toronto. Just coming from it and I must say it was quite an interesting night. The streets of downtown Toronto were packed with people crawling and they were carrying with them happy faces, which is a very different scene compared to Christmas shopping season or boxing day where the only thing people are carrying are shopping bags and stressed out faces.

Couple of cool things I saw were a gaint balloon bunny floating with strings attached to it, huge 4 letter text suspended in mid air, batman, this guy who was colored in bronze who apparently was a regular, some guys doing dances in th streets, rides, some cool street drummers,and DAVE! and well… few other things as well that I can’t really remember at this moment. Honestly it’s late but I still will wake up for my morning power walk.

I think every night should be a nuit blanche in Toronto! This is probably for the first time I saw people so friendly and in such large crowds who were not even afraid to give a smile if you bumped into them. Or maybe I’m just in a continuous good state that I’m seeing everyone happy lol…Either way this was an interesting night, and I might even participate in the next Nuit Blanche event. I already have a cool idea that I want to display :).


Gandhi Day

Today, the birth of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is celebrated all across India and is also a national holiday there. Gandhi is known as the father of India, who with his non-violence and civil disobedience movement led Indians to an independence from British rule. He has affected millions and still does today with his philosophies and principles around the world.

I studied in a high school named after this man, “Mahatma Gandhi Memorial High School” where I learnt few principles that has stuck with my ever since. One of which is “satyameva jayate” (Truth alone triumphs). I just want to thank God, life, fate, or karma, or whatever it is that is guiding and shaping our destinies for bringing about such a man into this world and also for providing me the opportunity to learn about him and instill few of the principles in me that otherwise I would not have known.


#1 Unacceptable blunder of website deployment

The number 1 unacceptable blunder of website deployment is people not turning off the display of errors. I just came across one two minutes ago. People, when you put your website live make sure others dont see any kind of errors that no one but the programmer should be using during development. I’m not talking about I.E. crapping out on the user and I’m not even talking about 404 errors(no to say that is acceptable – I know I’m guilty of this one).

Why is it unacceptable? Number 1 reason is that you will lose credibility of your site. Second is you are exposing what’s under the hood – why this one is bad is a whole other story.

This mostly happens with sites running on php. Make sure “display_errors” is set to “OFF” in the php config file. What is even more surprising to me is that some of the sites that have errors, and I’m not just talking about php sites, are actually well reputed sites! I’m not going to mention any names here, but they are there and if you’ve ever used the Internet, I’m sure you’ve come across a few already.

Philosophy Self Development

Great things happen when you’re ready for a change

Its October 1, 2008 and I am feeling great. What’s so special about this day? Most will say, ‘There’s nothing special about this day’, but a few will say, ‘This day is special, just like every single day of your life!”.

And yes I will also say that every single day of your life is special. I’ve been going for my early morning power walk consistently for almost a week now, and BAM! I’m feeling great. I started this almost more than two weeks ago, but I was not consistent. Now I just make it happen; I do whatever it take for me to get up in the morning and go for my jog/walk.

Never try to do something. Just do it! The reason I like Nike shoes or shirts or whatever is because it says ‘Just do it’. Now I’m not trying to promote Nike wear, nor am I getting paid for it..haha… I wish I was. But just think about it. If you’re telling yourself, ‘Comon you can do it’ or ‘I’ll try to do this’ or something like that, how many times have you notice yourself actually doing it?

More often then not you might not end up doing that thing you wanted to do. So just go out there and do it!

I am so excited with my morning walk routine that I’m spreading that energy to others. Today while I was walking(I usually jog, walk stretch, throw punches in the air – whateverit takes to keep me moving), I saw this guy who was maybe in high school walking with his bike. That’s right he was WALKING with his bike.

I asked him as he was passing me by since we were walking in opposite directions, ‘Is there something wrong with the bike?’.

He said,’No’.

I said, ‘Then you should be riding your bike, not walking with it”.

He said, “Ya I know, but I’m just lazy”.

So I got all hyped up. By this time we had already passed each other, I turned and said, ‘Ride the bike’. He smiled a little, acknowledging that he should.

Than I said,”Ride that bike, Ride your bike. Comon you can do it. Righ that bike. You can do it!”. And I got all excited and told him that.

This guy, got all so hyped up, he turned and looked at me and I saw him smiling . I could see the excitement on his face. He got all hyped up, as if to tell himself, ‘He’s right. I should ride my bike.’ Then he paddled his way up hill.

So now I’m thinking to myself, “Wow, it actually worked”. There were few other interesting encounters with a few people today. But this was the highlight of this morning.

Among other things – what can I say about net beans. Its so much better than eclipse! I was even using cssedit by Macrabbit on mac, and I thought it was a wonderful tool – something worth paying for. But Netbeans does an even better job at it (I think) AND ITS FREE!!

And there are other things that have happened, but this blog will just turn into a recording of my life if I talk about all that. SO coming to my conclusion. GREAT THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU’RE READY FOR A CHANGE!!It all started from me finally making the move to upgrade my site and do an extreme make over.

Who knows what great things are waiting to happen for me :). All I can say is, I’m ready for a change and ready for great things to happen!