The Morning Rush : AeroPress recipe for Medium-Dark Roast Coffee

Although I am generalizing here, every coffee’s ‘medium’ or ‘dark’ roast will be different. This particular recipe, is my favorite one for the Tim Hortons’ Original Blend coffee. Check out my previous blog post about Tim Hortons (the good, the bad and the ugly) . I recently bought a pack just to try and I was pleasantly surprised by the results.

Since this is pre-ground coffee, you cannot control the coarseness, but you can control the temperature and brew time and technique. First I tried brewing this coffee with a Hario V60 with boiling water. Then I dialed it down to 85C, and the results were much better. The end result was a cup that had some sweetness, bitterness that was not overly harsh, and also some acidity which I was quite surprised by.

Then I tried brewing with the Aeropress and the result was even better. In my experience Aeropress performs a bit better and consistently with darker roasts than the Hario V60.


  • 60g:1L ratio (12g of coffee to 200g of water)
  • 85C water
  • inverted method
  • no bloom required

The winning recipe

I call this recipe “The Morning Rush” because I think it is simple enough to use even when you are in a rush in the morning, and yet can produce a consistently good cup.

  • place the Aeropress in inverted position
  • add 12g of coffee
  • Add all 200g of water
  • stir it 10 times
  • place the cap with filter (no need to rinse if in a rush)
  • wait for 2 minutes
  • press excess air out
  • invert and press coffee into your favorite cup
  • Enjoy!

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