Canadian Politics : Part Four

Bob Rae steps down to make way for Michael Ignatieff to be the Liberal Party’s leader. This could be good good or good bad for the party. Good because Dion is not the party leader anymore, good because instead of going the democratic way and voting for their leader the party decided to just skip all that and put one of them on the throne; this prevents any division within the party and tries to show that the liberals are united under one man, and bad because this is not really a very democratic way, and some liberals may think that it was not fair for them and makes them feel left out by making decision ‘behind closed doors’.

I personally would have wanted to see Bob Rae lead, but Iggy is good too. He seems to have had more support than Bob Rae previously and so let it be. To me, either of them are very capable leaders for the Liberals.

Bob Rae is leaning more towards just getting rid of Haper, whereas Ignatieff is trying to show that they he will consider what Harper is going to put forward in his next budget and make the decision after, which seem to be a more politically correct move even if it is not his true intentions.

Anyway, this is the forth entry on Canadian Politics and I do not think it is going to be the last. There is more to come.

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