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If I say all Germans are Nazis, all Indians are Gandhis, all Americans work for the CIA and all British are double O agents and you know what I’m talking about then congratulations you are amongst the 99.99% of the normal populations…haha. But if you don’t, then you need to read more books, watch movies or simply pay attention in class; but mostly watch movies.

It’s finally fun updating my blog – its almost like a power shift from being(or trying to be) a developer, a designer to being a content creator. I spent too much time bogged in reinventing the wheel instead of wordpressing my way to blogging. Now that I have finally shifted my focus and decided to leverage the power of CMSs, I feel an overwhelming power from within that not too long ago I did not feel I possessed.

If you have no idea what I’m really talking about in the last paragraph, then you’re mostly normal – or one of what programmers classify people as: developers, designers and dumb (in real these people are normal and the other two aren’t really haha). Please people (@ developers and designers), don’t get me wrong, I fall into that category (about me).

The conclusion that I would like to make is I was very optimistic, but at the same time I was also very idealistic, trying to be the inventor and creator as I spent time reinventing everything I needed to do my work, and then it finally hit me – time is money and money my friends is very important. So I have decided to leverage what is available and take it to the next level. I am starting to realize the power of asking the right questions to yourself. It’s helping me to take everything that’s been happening around me to my advantage, and that feels outrageously awesome!

That brings me to the next BIG question – what’s happening with


My site gets an extreme Makeover!! :)

I gave my site a very much needed makeover. Frankly speaking, previously, it was dull, it was boring and it just looked plain and stupid. Getting introduced to the optimist’s creed” a while ago, I have decided to make it part of my life. Especially the part where I promise myself “ To think only of the best, to work only for the best and to expect only the best”.

I haven’t ever mentioned anything about in my blog. I will be doing that pretty soon. Its been almost 6 months after the launch, and I really need to talk about it!!


Reflection of the year 2008

The year 2008 was one of the most interesting years in recent years. Everything from world weather, to world politics, to the global economy contributed to big stories.

The year begins with world stock markets diving down with fears of the plunging U.S. economy and mortgage crisis. As the year progresses governments start declaring that their economy has begun a recession, even the United Nations eventually declared world recession.

Price of petroleum reaching sky high, fueling up high prices of almost everything that we know, making this commodity the one to watch day in day out, and then at the end of the year gas prices plunge to an all new low, something that we thought we would probably never see again.

Weather was another big story maker all over the world, with cyclones, tornadoes and snow storms. Right here in Toronto we experienced record breaking snow fall in the beginning of the year 2008 and record breaking rainfall in spring and summer. We even witnessed 4 snow storms at the end of the year to start of the new winter season with a bang.

Obama picture

But when it comes to politics what bigger story to talk about than the U.S. elections; the world witnessed the first African American U.S. president. This two year long campaign ended with such a bang that it was felt all over the globe. Canadians had their elections too, but they all seemed to be more interested in what was going on in the U.S. – that’s how big this was. Actually, Canadian politics itself was a big story maker, however, it just got cast away due the U.S. elections taking over the spot light. (Take a look “Canadian Politics – Part 1 to 4”).

olympics logo

In the world of sports, the biggest buzz was the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. The Olympics were held in a country that had a long history of human rights issues, however, this did not stop the Chinese from giving the world a spectacular show. The opening and closing ceremony was something definitely to marvel at. But behind all the glitter there was some darkness hidden, only to be discovered later. It was later revealed that the little Chinese girl who gave an amazing singing performance in the opening ceremony was in fact only lip singing and the real face behind the voice was another girl ‘silently’ singing away from the camera, as she was asked to do so by Chinese top officials only because she was not ‘camera material’ and would not fit into the ‘Chinese perfection’. As if this was not enough, it was later discovered that synchronized display of fireworks through the streets of Beijing during the closing ceremony was also not all ‘seeing is believing’. Some of the footage was enhanced by computer graphic software. These were only 2 of such controversies.

But despite all the controversies surrounding the Chinese, they showed their true patriotic spirit and their dedication to perfection. The Chinese, from day one had the lead in medal tally and eventually ended up at number one spot in Gold medal count. The world was witness to some amazing sportsmanship and super human power as records were written, broken and rewritten. One very memorable story was of Michael Phelps, a U.S.A swimmer and his quest for record breaking 8 gold medals. After being challenged by his rival and former swimming super star Ian Thorpe, saying that he would not be able to do it, Michael’s only dream was to prove Ian and all his opponents that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Another big story that was told again and again was of the Jamaican sprinting sensation Usain Bolt who burned up the tracks with his lightening speed, breaking 3 world records, one of which, the 100m sprint even after slowing down in the last 20 meters and thumping his chest in celebration of his victory which was only few milliseconds away.

In other stories the U.N. declared 2008, International year of Planet Earth, International year of Sanitation and International Year of Languages amongst other designations. The Indian Space Research Organisation successfully launched theChandrayaan-1 spacecraft on a lunar exploration mission. Delta Air Lines merged with Northwest Airlines, forming the world’s largest commercial carrier.

On December 12 the Moon moved into its nearest point to Earth at the same time as its fullest phase of the Lunar Cycle. The Moon appeared to be 14% bigger and 30% brighter than the year’s other full moons. The next time these 2 events coincide will be in 2016.

The proton beam circulated for the first time in the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator, located at CERN, near Geneva, under the Franco-Swiss border. It has detectors as big as apartment buildings to find out what happens when these protons cross paths and collide at 99.999999 percent of the speed of light ‚Äì an amazing experiment or a complete waste of time and money (more than $8 billion) – you decide.

These are just some of the top stories. There are some which have not included here, because it honestly is not possible to include everything. Overall 2008 was an amazing year. I personally had some amazing times in this year, some of which I can say were ‘life changing’. I’ll be talking about my personal experiences in 2008 in my next blog entry.


Happy New Year

A very Happy New Year to you all!

In case if you’re wandering about my new year’s resolution, I will tell you that I have none! Yes, that’s right I am not going to make any New Year’s Resolution. Last year I did, and never went through with it, so this time I am going to tell my story as I…oh wait this might count as my New Year’s resolutions so ya, I’ll just stop here.


Canadian Politics : Part Four

Bob Rae steps down to make way for Michael Ignatieff to be the Liberal Party’s leader. This could be good good or good bad for the party. Good because Dion is not the party leader anymore, good because instead of going the democratic way and voting for their leader the party decided to just skip all that and put one of them on the throne; this prevents any division within the party and tries to show that the liberals are united under one man, and bad because this is not really a very democratic way, and some liberals may think that it was not fair for them and makes them feel left out by making decision ‘behind closed doors’.

I personally would have wanted to see Bob Rae lead, but Iggy is good too. He seems to have had more support than Bob Rae previously and so let it be. To me, either of them are very capable leaders for the Liberals.

Bob Rae is leaning more towards just getting rid of Haper, whereas Ignatieff is trying to show that they he will consider what Harper is going to put forward in his next budget and make the decision after, which seem to be a more politically correct move even if it is not his true intentions.

Anyway, this is the forth entry on Canadian Politics and I do not think it is going to be the last. There is more to come.


Canadian Politics : Part Three

So there is a twist in this story now. The Governor General has given the okay to Stephen Harper to have his way; to suspend Parliament until the 26th of January, 09 so that he can have some time and come up with a (hopefully) better budget. In my opinion she’s done what a Governor General should be doing, and I respect her decision. I also agree with her in some sense; the economy is in a bad shape and a little late but good solution is better than a quick but not so good solution. Stephen Harper needs to do his homework and needs to do it really well.

But even if he does come up with some ingenious way of making everyone happy and also throw a life jacket for the Canadian economy, will it really make a difference in the ‘coalition’s desire to throw Harper out?

Right after the decision by the GG was made, Dion told the media when asked whether his stance on kicking out the Conservatives is still as was, or will it change if Stephen Harper brings forth a satisfactory budget. He’s response was that “there will have to be a ‘monumental’ change in the budget”. He repeatedly used the word ‘monumental’ and when asked by different media folks again and again what he meant by monumental, he simply ignored, avoided and did not answer the question. Either he used a big word that he does not know the meaning of, or he does not want to admit that he wants to kick the Conservatives out no matter what.

Jack Layton on the other hand was very clear in his statements, when he said “Stephen Harper cannot be trusted.” and that he was all for the move to kick Stephen Harper no matter what!

Harper: “Oh SH!T I’m screwed. ”

Duceppe has lost all possible respect that he might have had. He completely ignored the question of what he and the coalition will do that Harper won’t, and what will be the coalitions move if Harper produces a satisfactory budget. Instead he went on to say “well… if my grandma was on wheels, she’d be a tractor”.

Yah, OKAY, what does that mean? Like REALLY, what does that even mean? And not only that, he WINKS at the media after saying that phrase. Even the anchor and political analyst on CP24 were wandering what it meant. Is this guy an idiot?

So who is going to lead the coalition? Dion, whose own party wants to throw him off the leadership title? Duceppe – the separatist who clearly does not know what he is saying in public? Or Layton, who is acting like a punk kid who just single mindedly wants to get rid of Harper?

Just over the weekend I met with a few friends of mine and one of them said, “Finally, Canadian politics is getting a little interesting”. It certainly is, but I for one want to say that all these political leaders have lost my respect. I really don’t even know who to vote for the next time elections come.

These guys in parliament should just put their issues aside and just get along and do something for the Canadians. We are paying for their salary and it’s about time they start doing their job properly as guardians of their country and their people.

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Canadian Politics : Part Two

So Stephen Harper thought he could toss the opposition around by cutting their piggy bank. The 3 musketeers, Jack, Dion and Duceppe decided to form a coalition and throw out Mr. Harper out of parliament by having a vote of no confidence. So who exactly is going to lead the coalition?

All leaders made their cases in trying to convince Canada that what they were doing was the right thing to do by giving what might have been the most important speeches of their lives. Dion, although had a very bad quality of video, something which looked like it was taken from a web cam made an excellent prime minister speech. If only Canada had seen and heard this speech before the election, things may have been a little different. Jack Layton was okay; not as big of a speech as Dion’s. Stephen Harper on the other hand didn’t even seem to be making his case. He spoke neither of what his actions will be to tackle the economic problem that Canada is facing nor did he even mention that we indeed are facing an economic challenge. All he was saying was this coalition should not be formed (I.E. I save my ass and not lose my job) and the coalition definitely should not be formed with the ‘Separatists’. He kept calling the Bloc separatists. This ends any hope of the Conservatives ever making a comeback in Quebec.

My interpretation of all the three speeches was this:

Dion: “Yes, yes … I still have a chance. O Canada, please.. please… pretty please let me be the Prime Minister. Sure you don’t have faith in me, buy please let me be prime minister before my party kicks me off the party throne and replace me with a more capable leader.”

Harper: “Oh SHIT! I’m screwed. ”

Layton: “I hate him, I hate him I hate him. That Harper is such a bully. I’ll show that Stevey. How dare he steal my lunch money.”

Duceppe: To be honest I didn’t see his speech. I’m sure he must have made one, I just missed it.

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Mumbai Terrorist Attacks:

I do not want to say much about this as I think I am very much affected by whatever that went on in Mumbai. Being of Indian origin and a former Indian citizen my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones and to all those brave soldiers and policeman who risked their lives and died to protect their citizens.

Terrorist attacks keep happening in various parts of India, but no one really gives it much attention. Even I seemed to care less about them, but this recent one in Mumbai has really left me shaken. I don’t know whether it was the wide media coverage or the sheer manner in which these terrorists carried out their massacre that really affected me. I do have extended family in India, and I feel it could have been anyone of them. I was in India in 2006 for summer holidays when there were multiple bomb blasts in Mumbai trains just few days before I was supposed to board a plane from Mumbai airport coming back to Canada Рeven that did not affect me as much as this recent attacks have.

Let’s just assume for argument sake that sometimes wars may be needed so that a few lives are taken to save the lives of many, or let’s say that it is justifiable that we have soldiers on borders protecting their respected countries and that they be ready to kill to protect their land, but can this or any other thing justify what happened in Mumbai? How can killing innocent people who have nothing to do with anything be justified? In fact not just in Mumbai, but anywhere in the world where innocent lives are taken; how can any of that be justified?

I was not able to sleep well for a few days following the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. This may well be called the ‘911’ of India.

Doesn’t it make you think what we really are doing to us? It really does not matter whether the ones who are killing and the ones who are killed are Hindus or Muslims or Christians or Jewish or white or black or brown, or American or Afghani or India – the bottom line is that a human is killing another human.

There is no alibi for what we’ve done to us!


Canadian Politics : Part One

Canadians went to the polls just two years after they went to the polls and elected the Stephen Harper led Conservative Party who formed a minority government. I still really don’t get why there was another election in the first place. This time Canadians again elected the Stephen Harper led Conservative Party and yet again Canadians had to witness a minority government. So the question on every Canadian’s (or at least some Canadians like me) mind was, “What was really the point of this election?”.

This time was the first time I voted. Last time around, I had a chance but didn‚Äôt vote, but I thought this time I should; it is my right and I must exercise my right and also because you know what they say, “Every vote counts”.

I didn‚Äôt want to vote for the Liberals because I really doubted Dion‚Äôs capabilities as a leader and to be honest the Liberals were all over the place with their campaign, and what‚Äôs up with the carbon tax? Dion doesn‚Äôt really look or sounds like a prime minister, Harper looks like a crook (joke, please don’t take that seriously; I didn‚Äôt quite buy all their policies), and Duceppe (leader of the Quebec Bloc) is a separatist. Jack Layton, the leader of the NDP was the only guy who seemed consistent and well,‚Ķ the only other party left. Although, there is also the Green party, if anyone even wants to consider them a real political party. In times like this when the country is facing a recession, making the environment our first priority isn‚Äôt really a very smart thing to do, and thankfully Canadians realize that and it is evident from the fact that not even one member of the Green party got elected. Don‚Äôt get me wrong! I am all for the environment, I try the little things that I can to make a difference, but looking at the current economic situation, the environment can wait.

So now the new government is sworn in and Canada again witnesses Harper Led Conservative minority government.

Stephen Harper faces a tough challenge with the receding economy and 1000‚Äôs or job losses across Canada. What does he do? He proposes to do something, but nothing which would throw in life jackets for the sinking economy like some sort of an economic stimulus package. Instead, what the Conservatives propose is to sell off crown assets, and on top of that, they wanted to cut back on government funding for political parties, which was their way of showing that “Hey, we know that Canadians are feeling the pinch and we want to show that we understand so we‚Äôre going to tone down our piggy bank (a very large piggy bank)”. But what does that do for the economy? Nothing!

This is just like that ridiculous tax reduction that Harper put in place the last time he was elected prime minister. Are Canadians really buying this non-sense? An average Canadian does not buy a house or a car every month or buy expensive things or buy things in large quantities. It’s only the rich ones that will be really benefiting from this tax reduction. The average Canadian hardly saves enough to make any difference in their bank balance or life style. And just to remind my readers that there is no tax on basic items anyway! This only reduced millions of dollars in revenue for the government without affecting the middle class and low income Canadian households in a positive way.

Oh and I am not done yet. Stay tuned for more!


Back after almost a year….

Waow. It has been such a long time since I last updated my blog, its almost a year. I guess I didn’t quite follow up with my new years resolution…lol. There have been many times when I wanted to update my blog but just could not (couldn’t get myself to that is). Today I actually made it mandatory for myself to update my blog.

Quite a few things I will talk about in the next few blogs to come. Open source and why I’m loving it, Google’s browser, chrome, US election, the global economy…etc etc.. Oh Man! So many things are going on in this world.

Another major thing to note is that it has been a while since I started work on, in fact it has take much longer than it should have, but nonetheless the beta version is almost complete and the target launch date is roughly set to some time in December 08 or early Jan 09. Not many people know about – only a few close family members and friends. Hopefully people will get to know about it once the beta version is out and hopefully people like it. It will be very, very simple (but that is just for now), lots of cool ideas and other subprojects spawning from it in 2009 Р2010.