Ah Finally!: My Blog Begins

Finally I’ve made the move to start my blog. There’s a lot of things I want to talk about here, but I must say progress will be quite slow at the beginning. That’s because I’m in the middle of a few things at the moment.

To highlight a few things in my life a the moment – I’ll be graduating in June 2007 with a Honours Specialized degree in Computer Science :D, so that’s exciting. Just looking for jobs at the moment, you know the usual thing people do after graduation. I am really looking forward to start working. The fact is I am more excited by the thought of working than the fact that I’m finally done with university!

I’ll be adding RSS feeds etc to my blog soon. There are many tools already available, but I’m thinking of writing my own little program that’ll do it for me. I’ll probably even post it on my website for people to download…I’ll see how it goes.

While searching for some tools on the Internet, I came across this, it’s pretty amazing, not only is it thought provoking, but the way the video is made and how it progresses makes it even better.

Enjoy :)… or well… ponder upon it